The children gathered in the gym and watched Christmas movies while they waited for Santa’s arrival.
Once he arrived, they got to sit with him and take class photos. They were really excited to talk to Santa and receive gifts

The children played a game of “King’s Court” with Shota today. The goal was to gain the throne by winning a series of “Rock, Scissors, Paper” games. They really enjoyed this activity!
The children did really well at cutting out all of the pieces of their snowman craft by themselves.
The children learned Christmas words during the ESL lesson today. They talked about each one and their significance to Christmas.
Today the children enjoyed singing Christmas songs with Eri!
The students at the Takatsuki school played a sledding game during gym time. They worked together to pull their friends around the gym.
Christmas BINGO was really popular with the students. They played many rounds of it with their peers.
They read Christmas stories together as a class and talked about their favorite things about the holidays.
One of the games they really enjoyed playing was “Snowball Fight”. They crumpled up newspaper and tried to get as many balls to the other side as they could.
They also enjoyed playing a “Jingle Bells” game where they had to try to steal Christmas bells from Santa. They had to be very quiet so they didn’t get caught!
The elementary school students made Christmas trees for craft today. They used color construction paper to make rings, and then put them together in the shape of a tree!



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