During gym time with Shota, the children played a soccer game with colorful balls. They kicked the balls around the gym and tried to get them through the cones.
Today the children talked about animals and spent time describing them using adjectives and verbs. Their teacher called out a description and they had to touch an animal that matched. 
One of the classes wrote about how they travel to Tokyo. Some of the children wrote about the bullet train or airplanes, while another wrote that they enjoy taking the helicopter.
The elementary school students read “” during the reading lesson today. The story detailed and focused on the phonetic sound “”.
The Red class learned to write the letter “R” today. They also wrote several vocabulary words that begin with the letter.
One of the writing lessons helped the children learn comparative language. The children wrote about which animals they believe are faster than others.
The Language & Literacy lesson was called “Ask & Tell”. The children got to ask each other and their teachers different questions and listen to each other’s responses. The activity helped the children with their language and social development.
As a part of the circle time lesson, the children practiced identifying their body parts. They sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and danced along with the song.
During the library time, the children spent some time reading about the adventures of Scooby Doo and other characters that they enjoy.
The children used their computer time on Spelling City to play vocabulary learning games.
Today’s craft celebrated the year of the boar. The children made origami versions of the animal to create New Years cards for their families.
During the reading period, the preschool classes sounded out phonics to practice their reading skills. They played a listening game and did really well at recognizing different sounds and words.
One of the book lessons today covered clothing vocabulary. The children did fun activities in their Kid’s Box activity books to practice their reading and writing skills.
As a part of their circle time lesson, the children reviewed the letters of the alphabet. They enjoyed playing an alphabet game where they had to find and point at specific letters.



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