The library time has been a great way for the children to practice their reading skills while discovering their favorite characters.
The children really enjoy playing the learning games during computer time. They play games that focus on reading, comprehension and spelling.
The children made magic wands today during their craft time. They cut out different shapes and decorated them independently.
During the phonics lesson, the children played a “hot potato” game with their green words. If they were holding the card when the music stopped, they had to sound out the word and read it to their friends.
The children have been learning “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey in music class with Eri.
The children had fun playing four square dodgeball today with Shota in gym class!
The preschool ESL lesson today focused on animals, shapes and numbers. They did many activities to help them improve their language skills.
The elementary level students learned all about nature and natural disasters today. During their Kid’s Box book lesson, they completed activities to review the characteristics of each disaster.
One of the writing lessons today focused on prepositions. The children had to move a toy cow around the classroom and describe where it is in their journals.
To build on the concept of nature, the children debated about endangered species. They talked about ways that we can help the environment and save the animals!
The “Word Time” lesson for the preschool classes was called “Follow Me” and the children had to follow the directions of their teachers and their friends.
In their writing books, the children practiced the strokes to make the letter “K”. Their penmanship has improved significantly since the beginning of the school year!



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