In gym class, the children played a game of banana tag. They scooted around on the gym floor and tagged their friends to set them free!
The children reviewed adjectives today as a part of their circle time lesson. They compared a set of window and identified which as open and which was closed.
The “Language & Literacy” lesson focused on teaching the children about 3D shapes. They used blocks to make towers and identify the shapes they had learned.
One of the book lessons focused on nature and adjectives. The children used their books to complete activities that helped them understand these concepts.
The children loved reading a story about pizza today. They 
The elementary school students continued the story “A Box Full of Light”. The story focused on reading the “igh/i-e/ie/i” sound.
The Advanced Purple class listened to classical music. They illustrated how the music made them feel and described the sounds that they were hearing.
During the ESL lesson, some of the children compared animals in order to build sentences. They used adjectives such as faster and slower to build these comparisons.
Using their writing books, the Blue class learned the correct use of the apostrophe. They did really well at abbreviated words in their books.
They have really been enjoying their computer time and using Raz Kids to play learning games.
During the library time, the children enjoyed reading stories and independently, as well as sharing books with their friends.
For today’s craft, the children made a dragon. They cut out the dragon and its wings and chose some of their favorite colors to decorate it!
To practice their phonics, the children played a few games. Their teacher drew an image on the board, and the children had to identify the object and the letter it begins with.



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