After their writing lessons, the preschool classes colored pictures of demons in celebration of Setsubun.
For craft today, the children made Valentine’s Day cards. They cut out a pair of joint hands by themselves and got to decorate it for their loved ones.
Library reading time has been a great way for students to read some of their favorite stories. They really have been enjoying discussing the stories with their friends too!
The children used Raz Kids today to play spelling and reading games during computer time!
In gym with Shota, the children played four square dodgeball. This fun game focused on gross motor development, hand eye coordination and team work!


The children also enjoyed using the ride-on toys and bicycles during outside play.
One of the writing book lessons focused on the letter “h”. The children did really well at copying the letter into their workbooks.
The children have been signing “Mama Mia” from the famous Broadway musical in music time with Eri.
Before gym time, the children got some time to play outside. They really enjoying using the alphabet climbing wall.
To build on their reading skills, the children did a ditty sheet as a class. It focused on the red word “my”.
The Takatsuki students used food toys to explore the concept of differences. They sorted the toys into different groups using baskets.
One of the book lessons titled “My Hobbies” explored the vocabulary of what people do in their leisure time. The children did a few activities in their workbooks to help them learn these concepts.
The demon visited some of the children today for Setsubun. They shouted “Demon out! Happiness In!”.


During circle time, the preschool classes reviewed the calendar for today. They discussed the new month of February and the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.
The Word Time lesson titled “This is Different” helped the children learn about similarities and differences. They used blocks to compare the shapes that they learned last week.
Today’s story called “The Hole in the Hill” was about a Pied Piper and his musical instrument. The children really enjoyed the story and it focused on the “ow/o-e/oe/o” sound.





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