As a part of the circle time lesson, the children reviewed the calendar. They talked about Valentine’s Day and how they enjoyed the February holiday.
During the Word Time lesson, Sqwaker taught the concepts “straight” and “curved”.
To practice their writing skills, some of the children practiced writing dates and letters. They learned how to abbreviate the date, and how to begin and end a letter.
Today the elementary school children continued the story called “The Hole in the Hill”. It focused on the phonetic sound “ow/o-e/oe/o”. They read it aloud together as a group!
The children did really well at reviewing their phonics sounds today. Their teacher flipped through the phonics cards, and when he stopped, they had to recall that sound.
The preschool classes did a fun color sorting activity for their Numbers & Literacy lesson. They uses legos to match the colors to right group.
During gym class, the children played soccer in two teams. They had fun running around the gym and chasing the balls with their friends.
To practice the body vocabulary, the preschool classes played a game of Simon Says. The teacher called out body parts, and the children had to find it on their own bodies.
At the Takatsuki school, the children worked on the letter “p”. They did really well at practicing the strokes.
During outside play, they enjoyed climbing the alphabet wall and playing in the treehouse!
The elementary school classes spent their computer time using Spelling City. They recalled and spelled vocabulary words from different topics such as school related words.
The craft for the preschool classes was a construction paper dinosaur. They practiced their fine motor skills through cutting and coloring.



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