The Advanced Purple class talked about nature in their ESL lesson. They reviewed nature vocabulary and discussed all of the ways we can appreciate and protect it.
One of the writing workbook lessons was called “Vehicle Vowels”. The children had to use their knowledge of phonics and vowels to fill in the missing letters.
The elementary school classes have been enjoying “The Hole in the Hill” during the reading and writing period.
This week’s journal entry for the Orange class was “Where is the Zebra?”. They had to find the hidden zebra toy in the classroom and describe it in their notebooks.
The preschool classes did a fit test for their Math & Numbers lesson today. They used a mystery box to place toys in, and had to predict if it would fit through the hole.
During the ESL lesson, the preschool classes reviewed animal vocabulary. They enjoyed making all of the funny animal sounds.
During gym time with Shota, the children enjoyed doing a running relay in two teams. They ran around the course and then tagged their friends to go next!
The children continued learning the song “Mama Mia” in music class with Eri today.
One of today’s Kid’s Box lessons was all about our birthdays and the things we do to celebrate!
The Takatsuki students were taken to the doll display and learned all about the upcoming Hina Matsuri and its significance.
During library time, the children read stories in small groups with their friends.
Today’s preschool craft was a paper plate lion. The children cut orange triangles and used their pointer finger to glue them around the lion’s face.



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