June 15th

The Yellow classes read “Hairy Fairy” again to practice their reading skills. The story focuses on the “air/are” sound.
To help them discuss the weather, the children spun the weather wheel and tried to get it to land on today’s weather. Together, they discussed the rain, clouds and the wind.
In gym class with Shota, the children ran a relay in teams. They ran to the middle of the gym with their team ball, and then ran back and passed it to their friends. This activity was a fun way to practice social skills as well as gross motor skills too!
The preschool classes discussed general vocabulary today and talked about what they know about each item!
The Chicks class did a blending activity with alphabet cards today. They sounded out the letters together to figure out the words.
One of their favorite outside play activities is climbing up the tree house with their friends!
During outside play time, the children threw ball at the number tree. They tried to get the cans with the most points.
The preschool classes had fun making oysters today during their ESL lesson. They guessed how many blocks were under the blanket after their teacher gave them a quick peak!
The Orange class practiced their comparative skills today. They looked at two pictures and used adjectives to describe the similarities and differences.
To practice their reading skills, the Red class played phonics games with their friends and tried to recall the words associated with each sound card.
Today’s journal sentence was all about their favorite vegetables. They used food toys to get some inspiration and wrote about it in their workbooks.
The Kid’s Box lesson had the children matching the numerical numbers to the written form. They worked in pairs to complete the activity.
The children practiced “Happy Father’s Day” in music class today to celebrate the upcoming holiday!
In the writing journal, the children learned the letter strokes for “t”. They practiced writing the letter first, and then reviewed words that contain the letter.
During the reading and writing period, the Advanced Yellow class played a word scramble game. They tried to solve each word and used their knowledge of phonics to help them with the correct spelling.

May 25th

During their outside play time, the children enjoyed playing on the ride on toys and racing their friends.
The elementary level students have been singing “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars during music class with Eri.
The Yellow classes read “Hairy Fairy” & “Barker” today during their reading period. The children took turns reading each page aloud.
The Orange class learned about places in their ESL lesson. They colored paper plates to represent their understanding of planet Earth.
The Red class reviewed the single letter phonics today using the sound flashcards. They did well at remembering each word associated with the sounds.
The “Word Time” lesson taught the children the words: warm and cozy. They used a blanket to understand these concepts.
To practice the verb vocabulary, the preschool classes acted out many actions, including standing, clapping and dancing.
In gym class with Shota, the preschool classes did a gross motor circuit with many different types of activities. Some were done in pairs to help build their social skills.
Today’s journal sentence had the elementary level children writing about the things they like doing. Some of them wrote about swimming and golfing.
The Kid’s Box lesson “Home Sweet Home” taught the children general vocabulary about objects around our houses.
The preschool children learned about adjectives today in their circle time lesson. They used their hands and flashcards to practice them.
At the Takastuki school, the Word Time lesson taught the children the difference between a few and many. They used colored pencils to demonstrate these concepts.
To help them practice their knowledge of colors, the children challenged each other to “Rock, Scissors, Paper” matches. They had to play the game and name a green object to be the winner.

May 18th

The Advanced Yellow class did a Kid’s Box lesson called “Beastly Animals”. They learned how to use the future tense of the phrase “going to”.
The Yellow class played “Headbandz” between lessons to help them build their English communication skills. They practiced describing objects so that their friends could guess the object on the card.
The Red class used animal toys to help them learn prepositions. They each chose a toy and practiced placing it in different positions.
After reviewing this week’s flashcards, the children played flashcard games. The Orange class played a hiding game, where they had to remember the vocabulary and guess who was hiding each card.
The Word Time lesson today focus on the words: sleep and dream. The children pretended to sleep and were encouraged to use their imagination and talk about their dreams.
Part of the circle time lesson for the preschool classes included lower case alphabet review. The children identified each card and sang the alphabet song.
During gym time with Shota, the children used the gymnastics bar to help build their fine motor and gross motor skills.
In music class with Eri, the children sang this month’s themed song “Happy Mother’s Day”.
The children enjoyed playing educational reading and spelling games during computer time.
The Takatsuki students used food toys to practice their prepositions. They used cups, plates and other materials to explain where the toys had been placed.
To build their communication skills, the children did phonics using this week’s ditty sheet. It focused on phonics and sound blending.
The children spent some of their outside play time using the ride-on toys and bicycles. They really enjoyed interacting with their friends and engaging in pretend play.
The Yellow class chose their favorite sentence from this week’s story “Hairy Fairy” and wrote it in their journals.
This week, one of the key grammar targets included teaching the children about introducing themselves and how they feel. The children went around the circle and practiced with their peers.
During circle time, some of the classes talked about the cloudy weather. They spun the weather wheel and tried to get it to land on cloudy.

May 11th

For Music and Movement, the Chicks class sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. They practiced the words to the songs, along with the actions.
The Red class learned about the magic “c” today as a starting point to making other letters.
The Yellow classes discussed and wrote about their favorite color. They named different objects that are the same color too.
The Preschool classes learned general vocabulary today. They looked for different objects around the room, such as buttons on their clothing.
To practice their number recognition and counting skills, the Chicks class used blocks to make a tower together.
As a review of verb vocabulary, the children played Pictionary with their friends. They acted out the verbs on the flashcards and had to guess the action word.
The Red class reviewed their phonics during the listening & speaking lesson. They came up with many words that contain the sound.
The reading book for the Yellow classes today was “Hairy Fairy”. It helped them reviewed the “air/are” sound and practice their reading skills.
As a part of their ESL lesson, the Blue class reviewed the calendar and ordinal numbers. They practiced saying the days as a group.
One of today’s writing lessons reviewed the letters of the alphabet with the children. They focused on center starting capitals and reviewed the magic “c”.
The students at Takatsuki sang “London Bridges” with Yui and tried to go under their friend’s bridges without getting caught.
Some of the children also enjoyed playing in the sandbox and making cakes and foods with their friends. 

April 20th

As a part of the ESL lesson, the children learned Easter themed vocabulary. They talked about some of the activities that they were going to do throughout the day, such as egg decorating and egg hunting.
Each class had an Easter egg hunt, where they looked around their classrooms for chocolate eggs.
The children really enjoyed seeing the Easter Bunny and gave him lots of hugs when he visited their classrooms!
During the circle time lesson, the preschool children looked at many Easter eggs. They described their shapes, colors and designs.
The Chicks class had fun sorting the egg toys. They tried to find the matching shapes to put the eggs together.
During their outside play time, the children enjoyed using the tree house to climb and use the slide.
The children also had fun making cakes in the sandbox with their teacher and friends!
The children benefited from the Easter worksheets. They did cross words and other puzzles to help them build their vocabulary.
They played Easter board games against their friends in small groups, and also played circle games together as a class.
They enjoyed the egg dying process and worked really well together to make their eggs special.
At the Takatsuki school, they were really excited when the Easter bunny first arrived!
The Takatsuki school students did their egg hunts in the gym. They really enjoyed the Easter maze.
After they colored and designed their eggs, they were able to chose from different colors for the dying process. Many of the children got creative and decided to mix the colors together.

April 13th

Today during circle time, the preschool children sang “I See Something Blue” to help them remember and find colors around the classroom.
The Blue class talked about school objects. They played “pass the card” and identified each of the vocabulary words.
A part of the ESL lesson for the Advanced Purple and Yellow classes had them talking about their favorite TV programs. They discussed which shows they thought were funny and interesting to continue to build their English communication skills.
The Blue class reviewed ordinal numbers today during their circle time. They did really well at recalling each number in English.
During the writing period, the Red class used their writing books to review the writing strokes for letters and numbers.
The Yellow Classes continued their lesson on technology. They talked about the technology that they use in their everyday life.
To help the children build their listening and comprehension skills, they were given a coloring sheet and had to follow verbal instructions on how to fill it in.
The Sparrows preschool class used color flashcards during their ESL lesson to recall their vocabulary. They did well at choosing the correct flashcard as their teacher named each color.
In gym class today, the children played a running relay. They each took turns running with the ball and then passed it to their friends!
This week’s ditty sheet had the children practice their vowel sounds.
The preschool classes used blocks today to help build their shape recognition. They sorted them together as a class and passed each other shapes as they named it.

April 6th

At the beginning of gym class, the preschool children enjoyed some time on the playground. They made castles and cakes in the sandbox with their friends.
The children really enjoyed climbing the tree house today during outside play time. It was a fun way to work on their motor skills!
As a part of their ESL class, the children practiced the Alphabet Chant. They danced and used their bodies to make the letter of the alphabet.
The Chicks class danced while doing the Body Movement March during their Get Set For School lesson.
To help with their vocabulary, the children played flashcard games to try to remember the words on each card. They got really competitive and challenged their peers to a face off!
The Yellow Classes began Kid’s Box 6 today in their book lesson. They talked all about technology and its uses in today’s world.
During the ESL lesson, the children reviewed the calendar and the days of the week.
During their ESL Lesson, the Advanced Yellow class wrote introductions for the new school year. They introduced their name, age, things they like to do and how they commute to school.
During gym class, the children played a movement game. When each sound was played on the piano, they had to remember what action to do.
The children enjoyed reading stories from their favourite characters during the library period.
They split time between the library and the computer room. They played spelling games on Spelling City in their computer time.
The children also did ditty sheets to improve their phonics skills. They had to repeat the silly sentences to practice the word sounds.
In their writing books, some of the preschool children focused on the letters of the alphabet and spelling their names as an introduction.
To practice their phonics, the children played alphabet bowling. The teacher made a sound and the children had to knock down the matching letter. They really enjoyed this activity!

March 23rd

Today the Advanced Green class talked about the weather and the seasons. They identified what the weather is like in different types of places.
During gym class, the children played “Banana Tag”. They had fun chasing and capturing their friends!
As a part of the ESL lesson, the Advanced Purple class did a picture dictation. Their teacher described a picture and they had to illustrate it and compared their drawings.
DSCN6712 - ³Ôü
The Purple class talked about sports and athletics during their circle time lesson. They compared sports that they’ve played and talked about the appropriate seasons for each sport.
As a part of their circle time lesson, the preschool classes reviewed the calendar. They recalled all of the months of the year.
One of the writing lessons had the children practicing their numbers. They followed the guide in their books to complete the strokes.
During the reading and writing period, the elementary students have been reading a series called “Why is it so?”. They’ve been using these book to practice their reading skills and learn fun facts about nature.
The Math & Numbers lesson today continued to build on the concept of patterns. They made a growing pattern using lego blocks and tried to make their patterns longer.
The preschool children practiced their colors today in circle time. They recalled them really well without any assistance.
This week, the Advanced Green & Purple classes continued to practice the words to the song “Mama Mia”.
One of today’s Kid’s Box book lessons focused on trips and holidays. The children enjoyed doing a word search to find their holiday vocabulary.
In their writing books, some of the children practiced short words and sentences. Their teacher wrote the words on the board as an example, and they copied to motions in their books!
The preschool students at the Takatsuki school also enjoyed the patterning activity. They used colorful blocks to make really long trains.

March 16th

For the Orange class, today’s Kid’s Box lesson the children used adjectives to compare animals. They did writing activities that helped them practice their writing and listening skills.
As a part of circle time, the preschool classes talked about food vocabulary. They enjoyed discussing “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and all of the food he enjoyed during his adventure.
During the reading lesson, some of the children read a story about two monsters named Pip and Tip. They used their knowledge of phonics to help them sound out the words and read together.
To help the preschool children learn about shapes, they played with many different shape toys. They compared the curves and built different structures together in small groups.
During their ESL lesson, the Advanced Purple class reviewed the continents, countries and flags. They enjoyed putting the flag puzzles together and talking about the countries they’d like to visit in the future.
One of the writing lessons was about creating paragraphs. The children used their workbooks to learn about formatting and sentence structure.
The Purple class talked about animals in their ESL lesson. They compared their similarities, differences and recalled the names of each animal.
The Orange class talked about containers today. They discussed the things that we put into containers, and played a jumping game to test their knowledge.
Today’s “Math & Numbers” lesson taught the children about patterns. They used wooden pieces and their hands to compose a musical pattern together as a class.
During circle time, the preschool classes reviewed the verb vocabulary. As they walked around the classroom, they had to demonstrate the actions on each verb card.
Before gym class, the children enjoyed some time playing in the sandbox. They engaged in pretend play and made sand cakes with their friends and teacher.
During the music lesson, the Advanced Classes sang “Mama Mia” with Eri. They are enjoying the song, and have been singing it throughout the day.

March 9th

The Chicks practiced their alphabet. They did so well that they were challenged to sing their ABC’s backward.
choose a book
Purple class were able to choose their reading material for the reading and writing lesson. The teacher helped them with looking at the details of each book and identifying the titles and understanding them to know what each book was about.
Jump flashcard game
The Blue class play a game with flashcards to test their receptive skills. The girls dominated this game today.
Outside play
The younger classes had outside play as part of their gym time and they really got into playing soccer with Shota.
pass the ball
In the gym the children played a racing game with balls that they could also practice throwing. They were able to demonstrate different skills such as teamwork, running, throwing and catching.
Reading support
The children often work in pairs when doing reading exercises and support each other. This allows our teachers to spend some time wih each child to give a helping hand when needed.
rock scissors paper
The Owls really got into singing the ‘Rock, scissors, paper’ song and did an excellent job making all the gestures. Here they can be seen making a seesaw out of paper and scissors.
Here in music class the children are learning to sing ‘Mamma Mia’ by Aba. It is a challenging song, but they all try their best.
touch your toes
The Chicks class learns about their body through games and song. It is always fun to sing and dance to ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’.
Steve World
The children learn about countries around the world thanks to the help of a world map and the enthusiasm of their teacher.
As the children do their workbooks to review what they were doing throughout the lesson, they can work together and help one another to further build their communication.