March 9th

The Chicks practiced their alphabet. They did so well that they were challenged to sing their ABC’s backward.
choose a book
Purple class were able to choose their reading material for the reading and writing lesson. The teacher helped them with looking at the details of each book and identifying the titles and understanding them to know what each book was about.
Jump flashcard game
The Blue class play a game with flashcards to test their receptive skills. The girls dominated this game today.
Outside play
The younger classes had outside play as part of their gym time and they really got into playing soccer with Shota.
pass the ball
In the gym the children played a racing game with balls that they could also practice throwing. They were able to demonstrate different skills such as teamwork, running, throwing and catching.
Reading support
The children often work in pairs when doing reading exercises and support each other. This allows our teachers to spend some time wih each child to give a helping hand when needed.
rock scissors paper
The Owls really got into singing the ‘Rock, scissors, paper’ song and did an excellent job making all the gestures. Here they can be seen making a seesaw out of paper and scissors.
Here in music class the children are learning to sing ‘Mamma Mia’ by Aba. It is a challenging song, but they all try their best.
touch your toes
The Chicks class learns about their body through games and song. It is always fun to sing and dance to ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’.
Steve World
The children learn about countries around the world thanks to the help of a world map and the enthusiasm of their teacher.
As the children do their workbooks to review what they were doing throughout the lesson, they can work together and help one another to further build their communication.

September 1st

The children in Blue class continue work in their writing books. Today they learned how to write the lowercase h.
The children in the elementary classes try reading some storybooks that help them focus on key phonics sounds.
The chicks class loved singing and dancing to the ‘Body Part Movement March’. Everyone really put in lots of effort to make big gestures.
To help the children learn colors we used crayons and scattered them around the room. The children did a great job of organizing them back into the box grouped by color.
In the Owls class the children did a great job of talking about shapes and then making them with their hands in all sorts of sizes.
In gym today the children had an obstacle circuit with areas working on different gross motor skills. We then finished off with a fun game of tag.
When we were doing our book work we used the questions in the book to do a quick fire quiz. The children showed lots of enthusiasm when they knew the answer.
The children sang the songs ‘Ben’ and ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson in music today.