February 23rd

The Advanced Purple class talked about nature in their ESL lesson. They reviewed nature vocabulary and discussed all of the ways we can appreciate and protect it.
One of the writing workbook lessons was called “Vehicle Vowels”. The children had to use their knowledge of phonics and vowels to fill in the missing letters.
The elementary school classes have been enjoying “The Hole in the Hill” during the reading and writing period.
This week’s journal entry for the Orange class was “Where is the Zebra?”. They had to find the hidden zebra toy in the classroom and describe it in their notebooks.
The preschool classes did a fit test for their Math & Numbers lesson today. They used a mystery box to place toys in, and had to predict if it would fit through the hole.
During the ESL lesson, the preschool classes reviewed animal vocabulary. They enjoyed making all of the funny animal sounds.
During gym time with Shota, the children enjoyed doing a running relay in two teams. They ran around the course and then tagged their friends to go next!
The children continued learning the song “Mama Mia” in music class with Eri today.
One of today’s Kid’s Box lessons was all about our birthdays and the things we do to celebrate!
The Takatsuki students were taken to the doll display and learned all about the upcoming Hina Matsuri and its significance.
During library time, the children read stories in small groups with their friends.
Today’s preschool craft was a paper plate lion. The children cut orange triangles and used their pointer finger to glue them around the lion’s face.

February 16th

As a part of the circle time lesson, the children reviewed the calendar. They talked about Valentine’s Day and how they enjoyed the February holiday.
During the Word Time lesson, Sqwaker taught the concepts “straight” and “curved”.
To practice their writing skills, some of the children practiced writing dates and letters. They learned how to abbreviate the date, and how to begin and end a letter.
Today the elementary school children continued the story called “The Hole in the Hill”. It focused on the phonetic sound “ow/o-e/oe/o”. They read it aloud together as a group!
The children did really well at reviewing their phonics sounds today. Their teacher flipped through the phonics cards, and when he stopped, they had to recall that sound.
The preschool classes did a fun color sorting activity for their Numbers & Literacy lesson. They uses legos to match the colors to right group.
During gym class, the children played soccer in two teams. They had fun running around the gym and chasing the balls with their friends.
To practice the body vocabulary, the preschool classes played a game of Simon Says. The teacher called out body parts, and the children had to find it on their own bodies.
At the Takatsuki school, the children worked on the letter “p”. They did really well at practicing the strokes.
During outside play, they enjoyed climbing the alphabet wall and playing in the treehouse!
The elementary school classes spent their computer time using Spelling City. They recalled and spelled vocabulary words from different topics such as school related words.
The craft for the preschool classes was a construction paper dinosaur. They practiced their fine motor skills through cutting and coloring.

February 2nd

After their writing lessons, the preschool classes colored pictures of demons in celebration of Setsubun.
For craft today, the children made Valentine’s Day cards. They cut out a pair of joint hands by themselves and got to decorate it for their loved ones.
Library reading time has been a great way for students to read some of their favorite stories. They really have been enjoying discussing the stories with their friends too!
The children used Raz Kids today to play spelling and reading games during computer time!
In gym with Shota, the children played four square dodgeball. This fun game focused on gross motor development, hand eye coordination and team work!


The children also enjoyed using the ride-on toys and bicycles during outside play.
One of the writing book lessons focused on the letter “h”. The children did really well at copying the letter into their workbooks.
The children have been signing “Mama Mia” from the famous Broadway musical in music time with Eri.
Before gym time, the children got some time to play outside. They really enjoying using the alphabet climbing wall.
To build on their reading skills, the children did a ditty sheet as a class. It focused on the red word “my”.
The Takatsuki students used food toys to explore the concept of differences. They sorted the toys into different groups using baskets.
One of the book lessons titled “My Hobbies” explored the vocabulary of what people do in their leisure time. The children did a few activities in their workbooks to help them learn these concepts.
The demon visited some of the children today for Setsubun. They shouted “Demon out! Happiness In!”.


During circle time, the preschool classes reviewed the calendar for today. They discussed the new month of February and the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.
The Word Time lesson titled “This is Different” helped the children learn about similarities and differences. They used blocks to compare the shapes that they learned last week.
Today’s story called “The Hole in the Hill” was about a Pied Piper and his musical instrument. The children really enjoyed the story and it focused on the “ow/o-e/oe/o” sound.


January 26th

In gym class, the children played a game of banana tag. They scooted around on the gym floor and tagged their friends to set them free!
The children reviewed adjectives today as a part of their circle time lesson. They compared a set of window and identified which as open and which was closed.
The “Language & Literacy” lesson focused on teaching the children about 3D shapes. They used blocks to make towers and identify the shapes they had learned.
One of the book lessons focused on nature and adjectives. The children used their books to complete activities that helped them understand these concepts.
The children loved reading a story about pizza today. They 
The elementary school students continued the story “A Box Full of Light”. The story focused on reading the “igh/i-e/ie/i” sound.
The Advanced Purple class listened to classical music. They illustrated how the music made them feel and described the sounds that they were hearing.
During the ESL lesson, some of the children compared animals in order to build sentences. They used adjectives such as faster and slower to build these comparisons.
Using their writing books, the Blue class learned the correct use of the apostrophe. They did really well at abbreviated words in their books.
They have really been enjoying their computer time and using Raz Kids to play learning games.
During the library time, the children enjoyed reading stories and independently, as well as sharing books with their friends.
For today’s craft, the children made a dragon. They cut out the dragon and its wings and chose some of their favorite colors to decorate it!
To practice their phonics, the children played a few games. Their teacher drew an image on the board, and the children had to identify the object and the letter it begins with.

January 19th

The library time has been a great way for the children to practice their reading skills while discovering their favorite characters.
The children really enjoy playing the learning games during computer time. They play games that focus on reading, comprehension and spelling.
The children made magic wands today during their craft time. They cut out different shapes and decorated them independently.
During the phonics lesson, the children played a “hot potato” game with their green words. If they were holding the card when the music stopped, they had to sound out the word and read it to their friends.
The children have been learning “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey in music class with Eri.
The children had fun playing four square dodgeball today with Shota in gym class!
The preschool ESL lesson today focused on animals, shapes and numbers. They did many activities to help them improve their language skills.
The elementary level students learned all about nature and natural disasters today. During their Kid’s Box book lesson, they completed activities to review the characteristics of each disaster.
One of the writing lessons today focused on prepositions. The children had to move a toy cow around the classroom and describe where it is in their journals.
To build on the concept of nature, the children debated about endangered species. They talked about ways that we can help the environment and save the animals!
The “Word Time” lesson for the preschool classes was called “Follow Me” and the children had to follow the directions of their teachers and their friends.
In their writing books, the children practiced the strokes to make the letter “K”. Their penmanship has improved significantly since the beginning of the school year!

January 12th

During gym time with Shota, the children played a soccer game with colorful balls. They kicked the balls around the gym and tried to get them through the cones.
Today the children talked about animals and spent time describing them using adjectives and verbs. Their teacher called out a description and they had to touch an animal that matched. 
One of the classes wrote about how they travel to Tokyo. Some of the children wrote about the bullet train or airplanes, while another wrote that they enjoy taking the helicopter.
The elementary school students read “” during the reading lesson today. The story detailed and focused on the phonetic sound “”.
The Red class learned to write the letter “R” today. They also wrote several vocabulary words that begin with the letter.
One of the writing lessons helped the children learn comparative language. The children wrote about which animals they believe are faster than others.
The Language & Literacy lesson was called “Ask & Tell”. The children got to ask each other and their teachers different questions and listen to each other’s responses. The activity helped the children with their language and social development.
As a part of the circle time lesson, the children practiced identifying their body parts. They sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and danced along with the song.
During the library time, the children spent some time reading about the adventures of Scooby Doo and other characters that they enjoy.
The children used their computer time on Spelling City to play vocabulary learning games.
Today’s craft celebrated the year of the boar. The children made origami versions of the animal to create New Years cards for their families.
During the reading period, the preschool classes sounded out phonics to practice their reading skills. They played a listening game and did really well at recognizing different sounds and words.
One of the book lessons today covered clothing vocabulary. The children did fun activities in their Kid’s Box activity books to practice their reading and writing skills.
As a part of their circle time lesson, the children reviewed the letters of the alphabet. They enjoyed playing an alphabet game where they had to find and point at specific letters.

December 15th

The children gathered in the gym and watched Christmas movies while they waited for Santa’s arrival.
Once he arrived, they got to sit with him and take class photos. They were really excited to talk to Santa and receive gifts

The children played a game of “King’s Court” with Shota today. The goal was to gain the throne by winning a series of “Rock, Scissors, Paper” games. They really enjoyed this activity!
The children did really well at cutting out all of the pieces of their snowman craft by themselves.
The children learned Christmas words during the ESL lesson today. They talked about each one and their significance to Christmas.
Today the children enjoyed singing Christmas songs with Eri!
The students at the Takatsuki school played a sledding game during gym time. They worked together to pull their friends around the gym.
Christmas BINGO was really popular with the students. They played many rounds of it with their peers.
They read Christmas stories together as a class and talked about their favorite things about the holidays.
One of the games they really enjoyed playing was “Snowball Fight”. They crumpled up newspaper and tried to get as many balls to the other side as they could.
They also enjoyed playing a “Jingle Bells” game where they had to try to steal Christmas bells from Santa. They had to be very quiet so they didn’t get caught!
The elementary school students made Christmas trees for craft today. They used color construction paper to make rings, and then put them together in the shape of a tree!

December 8th

The children had some time to play outside before gym class. They enjoyed using the bean bag toss tree and the ride-on toys.
To help them learn their food vocabulary, the children got to choose two foods that they like and combine them to make a new creation.
During circle time, the children practiced the months of the year. They talked about their birthday month with their friends and teachers.
The Purple class enjoyed talking about what they wanted for Christmas. They used their journals to write their Christmas wish lists for this year.
One of the stories today was called “The Web”. It told the story of a spider and all of the things that came into his home. The phonics for this story focused on the “a”, “e”, “i”, “o” and “u” sounds.
During the writing period, some of the classes focused on compound words and syllables. They enjoyed writing about the weather and learned all about the word “precipitation”.
During the reading lesson, some of the children read together as a group. They always enjoy sharing their ideas and opinions!
The Language and Literacy lesson for the preschool classes was called “We Belong Together”. The children sorted animals by meat eaters and plant eaters.
The children played soccer again this week with Shota. They tried to bring as many balls as possible back to their goalies to earn points for their team.
The children have been enjoying the Christmas songs in music with Eri. Today they sang a version of “Silent Night”.
One of today’s Kid’s Box lessons was a review from the units 5, 6 and 7. The children did really well at recalling the concepts they learned in previous lessons.
The children reviewed their numbers today using shape blocks. They practiced counting and creating patterns as a part of their math lesson.
The children made Christmas elves today for craft. They talked about the different shapes they used and cut them out independently!

December 1st

Today during ESL, the advanced class reviewed food vocabulary and their 5 senses. They enjoyed talking about the different foods they enjoy eating at home.
During circle time, the children reviewed the calendar. They sang the “Days of the Week” song and the “Months of the Year” song.
During the writing period, some of the children practiced the letter “n”. The started by making the letter “r” that they learned previously, and built on that to make a new letter.
Another portion of the writing lesson focused on the children writing about themselves. They talked about their names, ages and things that they enjoy doing. 
Some of the children wrote about what they wanted for Christmas. They did a good job of using their knowledge of phonics to help them spell words that they were unsure of the spelling. 
The younger levels did a Word Time lesson today about the adjectives “hard” and “soft”. Sqwaker helped the children sound out the words at the beginning of the lesson.
To build on the concepts of “hard” and “soft”, the children went around the room and touched various objects. They used the adjectives to describe how each object felt.
One of today’s book lessons continued the “Around Town” concept from last week. The children did several activities to learn the vocabulary and even got to draw a picture of a town at the end.
In gym time with Shota, the children played a game of soccer in groups. They used many balls and tried to get the most number of balls to the opposing side. 
After gym, the children enjoyed some outdoor time. They used the tree house and slides to play games with their friends.
During the ESL lesson, the children practiced their verbs using a Santa drawing. They had to guess and describe what Santa was doing in the picture using action words.
The children enjoyed singing Christmas songs today in music time with Eri!

November 17th

This week in gym time with Shota, the children played soccer again. They’ve been enjoying playing in teams and kicking the balls across the gym to make a goal.
To help the children practice their counting skills, they counted their fingers and toes together as a class!
The Word Time lesson focused on the words “triangle” and “shape”. The children used their fingers to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts.
One of the reading and writing lessons focused on the phonetic sound “are”. The children attempted to write the word “square” by sounding it out.


Some of the elementary school classes read the story “Jellybean” about a girl who dreamed of having a pet. They did really well at reading it aloud together and discussing the story.
For some students, the writing lesson today was an “All About Me” page. They got to use their books to practice writing the date, talking about themselves and drawing a self portrait.
The children are enjoying the computer time and using Spelling City to improve their reading and spelling skills.
The children enjoy the library reading time, and they get to read about some of their favorite characters.
Today’s craft was a paper plate apple, which the children cut and colored by themselves. When they finished, they enjoy playing with their apples and pretending to eat it as a delicious and healthy snack!
The children practiced their reading skills with the green words. The teacher said each word and the children quickly touched the matching card.
One of the book lessons titled “My Town” helped the children learn English vocabulary for the all of places that they visit in their local areas.
After gym class, the children got some time to play outside. They really enjoyed using the alphabet climbing wall!